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    Remove Query from Scheduled Task

    rawhitaker Rookie

      I've tried searching for a response to this but think that I must be missing something. I am running Landesk 9.5 and working on setting up my software distribution tasks. I would like to change the query associated with a task and seem to be unable to do so. I found a few posts for older versions of the software (http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/19744) that stated the way to remove a query is to remove the targeted devices and select "yes" to remove the associated query...I have removed all of the devices from the task but the queries were not removed. The task is currently canceled, and under all devices there are two "Unknown" devices listed. I believe these are the queries themselves as other tasks where I have only one query setup have only one "Unknown" device listed. Unfortunately whenever I try to delete "Unknown" it disappears for a brief second and then pops right back up again. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, and if this is already mentioned in the forums somewhere I apologize for not being able to locate it.





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          zman Master

          If you scroll to the right you should see a column called Query Name. Is this a LDAP based query or machine based query? Unknown status usually indicates that the scheduler service has not resolved the query. Simply selecting the query and deleting it should be all that is necessary. If the query is returning, I would post your console log so we can see what is going on.

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            rawhitaker Rookie

            Its a machine based query (OS, Name, Windows 7 32&64 bit). Only have like 6 devices setup so far so I don't believe the query is having issues finishing. When I right click on it, it has a "run" option, though I don't have any queries at the moment that take a long period of time to run so this might not be any indication of its actual status. I'm pretty new to the software, but I assume you are looking for the console.exe.log file which is below.


            Edit: BTW I tried to remove the "Unknown" query entry from all devices again right before I snagged the log file.


            Server is 2008 R2 (Host VM 5.1), SQL 2008 Express. Everything currently running with Domain Admin privs.


            02/06/2013 18:11:43 INFO  3876:1     RollingLog : FormMain: Enter constructor

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              zman Master

              I would contact support and install the patches listed here http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-27264

              Delete the scheduled task and recreate,  Also in the future, many of the LANDesk log files are rolling logs and can be very large so I would post them as an attachment.

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                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                There are some errors relating to auditing... Do you have this enabled? If possible, try to turn this off for scheduled tasks and try again.



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                  rawhitaker Rookie

                  Sorry it took so long to respond to this, one man IT shop and it seems to take me forever to find the time to work through the simplest of issues sometimes. Anyhow, I didn't get a chance to try the patches from support until last night, while they did not resolve the issue...support did mention that it is a known issue that will be resolved in a future patch so I gave Zman the kudo's and plan to just wait to install the patches again until after they are out of beta.


                  Frank I checked and auditing isn't abled in my enviroment at the moment, but thankyou for your response as well!

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                    synsa Specialist

                    I logged this exact issue with support which was confirmed a known issue, as you said, with an ETA of 9.5 SP1.  If you hear otherwise I would very much appreciate an update   Thanks.

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                      bwallace Apprentice

                      Having the exact same issue and waiting for a suitable answer as well.

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                        bwallace Apprentice

                        Has anyone heard of 9.5 SP1 corrects this issue? I have contacted support and they haven't solved the issue for me yet.

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                          synsa Specialist

                          Bwallace, I can confirm the issue is resolved in my DEV environment after 9.5 SP1.  Was having the issue before SP1.

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                            bwallace Apprentice

                            I've just been leery of loading it and having it mess things up worse. Support hasn't been able to duplicate the issue on their side. So I've been stuck.


                            Thanks for the info Synsa.

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                              bwallace Apprentice

                              Today I loaded 9.5 SP1 and it seems to have corrected the issue. Thanks for the extra information. Support has been "working" on my issue, for several weeks. They can't replicate the issue on their end, even with my DB in hand. My support ticket has been "under review" without comment for like 10 days.


                              Thanks for the help.

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                                just wondering if anyone else having this issue was able to resolve it with application of SP1?

                                Short of SP1, did the patch described above resolve this?


                                prior to 9.5 I was able to remove any assigned queries for a scheduled task by deleting a machine which became populated in the targets list BY THE QUERY.


                                Since applying 9.5 any existing scheduled task with an assigned query has been locked; I can't get rid of or edit the list of assigned queries.  If I delete a machine in the targets list that comes from a query it will go away but it leaves all the rest in the list and the original query remains.


                                I'm wondering if I can get away with the patch or if I need SP1...?



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                                  bwallace Apprentice

                                  I looked into t loading the patch, but the SP was supposed to be out any day and this particular issue isn't on the list of things that is addressed by the patch so I waited. Technically, this fix isn't listed in the SP1 fixes either, but it seems to work.