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    Turning an incident into a request - Copying data

    tomkerry Rookie

      I am trying to enable our analysts to be able turn an Incident into a request at various points in the call. This works correctly and closes down my incident and attaches the request as I require.


      The part which is providing me with some difficulty is copying the information from the Incident window onto the Request window.


      Whilst I have plain text fields such as Description and Title mapped successfully mapped, I have three fields that will not allow me to select them. These are Impact, Urgency and Incident source (Two of them are Ordered Lists and one is a Reference list)


      To do this I am clicking "Value Type" - "Specify a runtime value for control" then going to the "Request Incident - Incident Object" and I select my required field. For the three mentioned fields it does not let me click OK.




      Does anybody have any idea why this doesn't work? Or if there is any other way I can achieve what I am after.






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          I would guess that those fields may not have the same type.  For example unless you have added the same drop down list to both incident and request, you will not be allowed to do the copy that way.  Having the same contents of the drop down list is not enough, they need to be the same object.  To get round it you could write a calcualtion which matched up the list in one domain to the list in the otehr, but it would be messy.  How about using the same drop down list in both obejcts?

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            tomkerry Rookie

            That makes sense, it would have been a lot easier if we had used process objects from the start. Rather than using specific options within each domain. In the short team I have decided to use a data collection as part of the manual action, so the analysts can change certain fields during the transfer. It's not to much trouble for them to re select the priority. Thanks for that.


            This is just part of a mini overhaul we are having now we have chance.


            We would like to do something you have previously mentioned in other posts. Whereby the end user logs a call in the "call domain" then later an analyst decides on whether or not this is an incident or request. I am having one problem in that the links to the other domains don't seem to exist within the call domain? Is this something I can setup? If so how?





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              You could drag the list object from Request into the Incident Domain and visa versa?  That's legit and you would then be able to use your value type copy.


              If you wanted to use the call domain you'll probably find the Incident collection is there, but you'd need to add Request by dragging Call/Call onto Request/Request and saying yes you want to create a collection.  You'll then need to create the actions for the Incident Collection and new Request Collection by right hand click manage actions on each collection on the Call Object to make the action to create your incident or request available in the Call domain.


              We make some of our revenue from providing this sort of advice and doing this type of work for clients over here in Australasia Tom, so in addition to anything else that pops up here, I'd ask LANDesk support if they can give you any white papers or pointers to the manuals for this sort of thing.  Just view the above as an outline skeleton and not a definitive solution!


              I believe LANDesk have plans to let people share designs and ideas they have created like this in the future, so keep your eyes open for that as well :-)