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    9.5 Antivirus 32bit and 64bit


      In the 9.5 Agent Config settings there are options for including the 32bit and/or 64bit Antivirus Setup files.  I have selected only 64bit.  My clients are 64bit and only the 32bit Kaspersky gets installed.


      Is there a 64bit AV client available?

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          The 32 bit client/drivers won't work on a 64 bit OS.  You probably are running the 64 bit version. The drivers/install is actually found in .../ldclient/Antivirus/kav and are named klif, or klim or kl.  You should be seeing _x64 versions of these installed. 

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            Ok, under \ldclient\antivirus\kav  I see the subdirectories for kl1_x64, kl2_x64, klif_x64_nt600, KLIFX64, and KLIMX64 so that makes sense.

            I had first noticed that in task manager the executable was listed as "avp.exe *32" and after the install was done my definitions were old despite the fact that I included them in my agent config.

            So it looked like it was only 32bit.