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    Landesk and Citrix Netscalers




           I am hoping you guys may be able to help or shed some light on this. We have recently migrated our landesk to a new datacetre and increased the number of WebAccess and Frameworks servers to 4 load balanced via a couple of Citrix netscaler VPX1000's. These are loadbalanced using least load and persistant connections configured with a timeout of 20 minutes (same as the landesk timeout). The performance via the netscaler is not very good and we continually get timeouts and agenerally slow experience via both the console and webdesk, additionally we are running all this over SSL.


           Has anyone had any experience load balancing Landesk Service desk with netscalers? Any help would be greatley appreciated.


      Thanks very much!

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          One of our customers had an issue with the offloading of SSL to these types of devices and from memory they had to turn that off.  Some conflict between what LANDesk expected to get as SSL traffic and what was actually delivered by the load balancers.  Sorry nothing more specific.  I assume if you talk directly to a particular framework on a particualr server with console something different happens?


          There is this generic article which might be worth a run through, but it's not using those specific devices