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    drag and drop items

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      I've created linking buisness object Customer- location, so I've got a new element in administration/group/customer called customer location. With two administration windows opened I can drag and drop customer's CI's to customer's location. Is LANDesk creating any reference/collection/?? "on the fly" to store information about CI/Location? Or, until it isn't created, that drag and drop doesn't store any information in database? What in my goal: I would like to have info about customer, locations and CIs connected, to know where and what customer is using, where customer CI is stored and which CIs are in customer location.

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          where do you get your machines from?  Do you use LDMS or do you do the import from a spreadsheet or something like that?


          If you use LDMS you can make the association when you do the import automatically into Service Desk.  Otherwise, you would have to create relationships between the correct objects and update them accordingly.

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            Mariusz.Maniak Expert

            My machines are inside LDSD, under Configuration Management, I've added CI's to customer using customer group action "add/remove configuration item", so for customer A_All it looks like on pictrue. When second admin window is opened I can drag and drop CI's to locations. Tried to create linking object CI/Location, but there is no option for that.






            checked with SQLAdmin Studio that "drag and drop" CI to location doesn't change anything in database, so this is not a way to connect CI with customer location, will try to build that "manually"


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