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    Drop down box going up up up and away

    markg Apprentice



      We have an issue in the console with one of our complex list drop down boxes, when you first click the drop down box, instead of down it goes up.. off the screen up. For a complex list this is quite annoying as you cant actually access the search fields. Even if you move the entire window down it still goes up off the screen! The work around for this is if I click the drop down box to go to the last page it, drops down and is useable again, if I go back to the first page it goes back to up! This is all fine, however except certain resolutions seem to remove the controls entirely, the box goes up but there is not controls to get it to the last page.. so I cant select anything at all..


      We have LANDesk Service Desk 7.5, Ive tried searching for something like this but couldnt find anything. Ive attached a few screen shots of the up up and away issue