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    Delete all Devices from Landesk


      Hello at all,


      ive done it... The OSD install works and all is well - But I have one issue after applying the image to a known computer in the Network the Devicename - Reregisteres in the DomainController as it once was:


      Ive set up to use a Numberbase for example: P-nnnnn and to start from 16 but it takes the old Computername first....


      Before you ask:


      Computer Deleted from Landesk Console


      Computer Deleted from the DomainController


      but still this issue is there!


      I have recieved an inqury from my boss to change all Computernames and to redeploy a new Master Image to our Network Computers....


      What am I doing wrong?


      Or is there a way to kill/delete all DB Entrys from all Devices in Landesk?


      Now i dont know if the new Master Image is affected or not - like this i know if the DB is clean ill maybe have to recapture the device...


      Many thanks in advance