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    PXE doesn't work on Windows 2008




      I've put in place the provisionning on some servers Windows 2003, PXE is on DHCP server for 2 and for the last one PXEis on another server than the DHCP.


      All is working fine on thses 3 sites.


      I tried to do the same on servers 2008 R2 X64 (on 3 sites, differents servers models) and it doesn't work.

      For all of them PXE is on the DHCP server.



      It seems that when i boot in PXE i don't receive ip from DHCP server.


      My landesk version is 9 SP3


      I try with PXE server on my laptop, it worked when i made the try on 2003 servers, but not on 2008.


      Is someone had the same problem.



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          Having the pxe rep installed on your dhcp is not supported. Please see http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-8678.


          The reason is that both the dhcp and the pxe are trying to handle requests and they can grab the request before the other process, causing it to fail.


          Are you able to boot into PXE or is it failing when you try to boot? What is the error code? Does it happen if you install the pxe rep on a machine that is not the dhcp (you may want to uninstall or stop it on the other servers)? If you are able to boot pxe and it is in WinPE that you are not getting an IP address, then check your drivers in the boot.wim. You may also want to try doing ipconfig /renew to see if it is just a driver delay in getting the card initialized.

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            I know that this configuration isn't supported by Landesk.

            It's not possible for me to have in all of my sites one DHCP server and another PXE.

            Having DHCP and PXE is working on 2003 servers so i don't understand why it doesn't work on 2008


            I've tried with PXE on my laptop instead of DHCP server and it doesn't work.


            The computer on witch i do these tries is booting well on PXE when the DHCP server is 2003 server even if they are the same.

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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              Please note that PXE doesn't have to be deployed on a server, it can just as well be deployed on a workstation. Hopefully that makes it easier for you.



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                Yes i know, but i'm not sure computer is started, server is always....


                I've approx 100 sites on witch i need to deploy OSD Provisionning and it's not simple to not have the same infrastructure on all sites.


                I've also made tries with PXE on a computer and it doesn't work if DHCP server is 2008 server, i really think that's a DHCP problem on Windows 2008 Server (IPV6 issue...) not Landesk PXE problem.


                As i haven't found any answer, i post on Landesk community.

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                  MrGadget Expert

                  Look on your DHCP servers both 2003 and 2008 and see if option 60 is on. I remember something about this in the past. Not sure if it is supposed to be on or not there.

                  If its on in the 2003 servers and Pxe works then it needs to be on in your 2008 servers.