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    Remote Desktop Exception un-checked after reboot?






      We have a few folks that remote into their desktop using Remote Desktop Client.    They had claimed that RDC stopped working after installing LANDesk and it's true- after the install of LANDesk RDC stops working.



      But I found out it's not LANDesk per se- it's that whenever they reboot their system (after the LANDesk / LDAV install) the checkbox that creates an exception for RDC through the windows firewall is no longer checked.  I can remote in to them with LANDesk and change the checkbox so that RDC is allowed through windows firewall- everything is fine- then after a re-boot the checkbox is no longer selected.



      What gives?  Anyone else seeing this?   Is this part of LANDesk or LDAV security???



      Plz advise.