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    Deploy Agent


      Hello everybody,

      I'm testing LanDesk with the trial version.

      After installation, I create a Agent Configuration with powers settings.

      But i can't deploy it on my computers.


      When I select computer on the list "New computer found" and I start the task, they stay with the status "Pending".

      Same after installing Agent on the computer with the packet create on the server, my computer isn't found on the list "Manage computer".


      Have you a solution for fix this problem ?


      Thank a lot

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          bnelson Employee

          Your computer cannot be found on the device list until it has an agent.

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            Yes I know it.

            But my task for deploy Agent not be working. My computer stay with the status "Pending".

            Have I forget anything ?

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              I found my problem

              The Scheduler Service is not started, but on the first deployment is ok and after it's "Not Started". When I start the servcie manually, it working for the next task and it's going again not started.

              It's a knowing probelm ? Have a fix for let it "Started" ?

              Thanks for your help !

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                bnelson Employee

                Check the accounts being used by the scheduler service and ensure they are all unlocked and that the password is correct.


                Click on Configure and then Services




                Then select the Scheduler tab and click on "Change Login..."




                Now check all of the accounts listed to ensure they are not locked and that the passwords for each account are correct.



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                  I fixe the problem.

                  I'm going on theServer  "Administration Tools", "Components Service" "COM+" "LanDesk1" and I change de user with the good password.

                  Thanks for your help !