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    Issue with Win7 provisioning on new machine

    rhogan Rookie

      I am having an issue with my provisioning template and hope that someone can help me with some suggestions on how to track down the problem. A little information that may be necessary:



      I am using LDMS 9.0 SP3.

      I capture the Win7 image from a completely clean machine (exact same model as the machine being provisioned) and then I ran SYSPREP in audit mode with Generalize unchecked.

      I am using HII during provisioning

      Since its been some time since I built the template, I cannot recall exactly which directions were used, but I used a sample from the community and made minor changes to match our requirements.

      The template I used begins with removing the partitions from the drive and then builds new ones and lays down the image.


      Now for the issue - If I take a brand new machine (these machine do not have windows on them to begin with, but rather a very light linux build made by the manufacturer) and I set it up using the mac address and apply it to my provisioning task, the machine will go through all the steps right up to CTOS and thats where things go bad. If I check the machine, it sits at the initial Windows screen asking me to complete the computer setup (basically, the mini-setup it mentions in this article: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6948). So it seems like it doesnt have (or doesnt use) the unattend file. Initial thoughts would be there is something wrong with the unattend file or the template itself, but here is where things get strange:


      I can turn off the machine, go into the LDMS console, remove the machine from the provisioning task, then add it back in again, start the task again and boot the machine and it will run through the whole provisioning process without any issue. That leads me to believe it is not the unattend file or something with my provisioning template.


      My biggest issue is that I just dont know how I can go about troubleshooting this. I realize that at this point in the provisioning process, LanDesk doesnt perform any actions, and as such there is no logging that I can find to help me narrow down where the problem is residing. The fact that the partitions on the drive are removed at the beginning makes it seem unlikely that there is something on the machines out of the box that interferes. I have a brand new machine that I have attempted provisioning on and had it fail. I turned the machine off and booted into a linux live distro so that I could see what files are on the partition without manually completing mini-setup and found that there is no c:\ldprovisioning directory on the drive. So, it would seem that the ldprovisioning directory is not being copied during WinPE. Of course, that is assuming I understand the process correctly.



      Any tips or experience anyone has had that might shed some light on my issue?



      Thanks in advance,