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    Custom data inventory not working



      We migrate from 9.0 sp3 to 9.5 a month ago. Prior to the migration we didn't have any problem with our custom data.

      Last week, I found out that if I add a new custom data based on a registry key, it will not show up in the inventory. As I had a lot of old custom data, I decided to clean my base with dbrepair.exe...

      Since then, 95% of my custom data (wich were perfectly working before) don't show up anymore. The other 5% are working perfectly, I can modify them, delete them and re-add them.

      When I look at the ldappl3.ini file on a client, I found all my registry key referenced.

      The option "Block Unknown Inventory Items" is not activate by default. I did try to activate it to see if it will populate the list of unknown items : that's not the case.

      On one of our client, I run a full scan with the O switch. It collected all the custom data to the outpout file.


      So it seems that inventory work fine, but the data won't get imported into the base.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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