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    Need to compare 2 conditions to show an action


      Hi Guys


      I've been rummaging around on community but I'm still hitting a brick wall on a process.  I'm really hoping someone will come up with something to fix this.


      After speaking to another LANDesk customer we pinched their idea of having the ability for EndUsers to be able to add themselves as an affected user to a Major Incident via SelfService.


      So the theory is once the user clicks the Action - I am Affected not only is a child incident created but they populate an I Am Affected Collection.  Using this collection I put a precondition before my I Am Affected action to check they weren't already there to hide the action and prevent them adding themselves numerous times (pesky users can't be trusted, have to stop them from being able to do things!!).  This works great, however, once the child incident is created and flows down through the process it passes my condition as the collection is on the Parent Major Incident not the child - so yes LANDesk is working but not as I want it.


      I have tried numerous things but all involve the 2 things LANDesk won't let me do, have 2 preconditions in a row or be able to reference $CurrentUser$ from a calculation (not planning the upgrade to 7.6 for a while where I'll be able to avail of that).  I've added a screenshot of the process - hopefully it'll make more sense.  Basically want I want is for the action I Am Affected to only be available when the incident is a Major Incident and when the user hasn't already used it.


      many thanks for any suggestions




      MI Process.png

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Helen,


          I don't think you'll be able to achieve that without the 7.6 calculation enhancement, however what you could do is have one condition as a pre-condition before the action (as you do now) then have the other condition as a desicion after the action so that the two automatic actions are only performed if that decision is true.




          "Major Incident In Progress" status

          -> "User no already Affected User?" pre-condition

          -> "I am Affected" manual action

          -> "2nd condition" desicion

          YES -> "Add I Am Affected" automatic action, etc.

          NO -> Back to status.


          I hope that helps.

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            Hi Stu


            Thanks for the above.  I'd been trying to do something niffty without 20 million steps in the process and yours is definitely a lot shorter than mine was!.  I've tried the above and it sort of works.  Ideally I'd like the action to not show at all, what I'm getting now is the action is there on the child incident though when it's clicked it doesn't actually create another child incident off it, so it's a step better than I was getting.  I just know what our users are like, and I'd prefer to not let them see anything!!


            Anyhoo I am away to enjoy the St Patricks long weekend but I'll pick it up again next week, have a good weekend