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    query for non resolved and either unassigned or assigned to me




      I'm running Service Desk 7.5 not service packed.


      I'm trying to put together what should be a very simple query.  I want to query Incidents that meet the following criteria:


      status is not closed

      status is not resolved

      current analyst is either null, me, or a recently departed employee


      here is what I have in the criteria definition


      Status.Title Is Not Equal To ( Closed )

      AND Status.Title Is Not Equal To ( Resolved )

      AND Current Assigned Analyst Is One Of ( me, otherperson )

      OR Current Assigned Analyst Is Null


      Advanced Criteria Conditions:

      (1 AND 2) AND (3 OR 4)


      When I test this query, I get no results.  If I remove either line 3 or 4, it works fine.  Any thoughts on what this query should look like to make it work?