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    Top level Triage Module/Process

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      I'm fishing for ideas here. I want to put in a top level process that's independent of Change/incident/request etc. Reason being we are properly separating incident and request out. Up until now they have been handled by the same process. When a call comes in however or is logged automatically it isn't known whether it is a request or incident until an analyst decides it is.So I want a system where by it logs to some generic triage module/process and then the incident or request job is created from it after it is decided which direction it is going in.

      I have heard/seen mention of a module copy tool which might work but I don't know how to get it; any other suggestions as to how to achieve this would be appreciated.

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          I'd take at look at the existing Call Domain.  Thats one of the reasons it was created and has most of the links you already need.  The others can be added.  The cloning feature doesn't take acorss the many to many links that the product implements, so it might not give you what you need.

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            rjpchadwick Rookie

            In the end I used the call domain and created related incidents and requests from it. Also found that I needed a universal category business object (as category is module specific and I couldn't pass the value from call to incidnet/request) so I created a new category list in system and added aload of boolean attributes one for each module, incident, call, change etc which I set to true or false depending on whether I wanted the category to appear in the related module, then dragged the new universal category into each module and for each window used a filter to show only the categories for which I had assigned the category as true for that module. If that makes sense.