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    Software Package with Multiple Dependants

    Ascott860 Specialist

      I have a package that has 12 dependant packages. So far the it installs just fine. Its a mix of Batch File, MSI, EXE, and Script packages. I am faced with two minor problems.


      1. As soon as the first dependant package is completed we have a successful status in the task window with 11 more packages to install. (Mind you they keep installing and it completes after about 5 minutes)
      2. If I break this up into two packages, 6 dependants in each, then schedule a Main and Final distribution package it completes the Main distribution we get a green check and successful status in the task window but it does not install the Final distribution package. The message actually looks to be an error message even though it says successful. (The client does not support the features required by the specified package and cannot be downgraded)


      I am running 9.0 SP3, has anyone seen this erratic behavior? I am staying away from Provisioning for this as it is a task that will go out to a couple thousand production machines for a major application upgrade. Provisioning is not very customer facing friendly, I wish they would fix that window to be more customizable and intuitive of what is happening. 9 times out of 10 users freak out and call the help desk when they see it pop up!


      I do hope that there is maybe a patch and that this does not happen in 9.5. I will test that later this week in my 9.5 test lab.