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    Extend last partition by percentage instead of using all available space


      When restoring a image, I want to extend the partition, but also I would like to leave some free unused space in order to convert the basic disk into a dynamic disk later on.


      The LANDesk default OSD restore script uses "Diskinfo extend_last_partiton" but it use all available unused disk space as in this example:


      REMEXEC37=cmd /c copy /y X:\LDClient\guid.pds C:\LDISCAN.CFG

      REMEXEC38=ldrun tokreplw C:\LDISCAN.CFG DEVICEID=%Computer - Device ID%

      REMEXEC39=ldrun tokreplw C:\LDISCAN.CFG IMAGEPATH=\\BERLIN.demo.net\ldpkgs\image\LD000C296C48F9.TBI

      REMEXEC40=ldrun diskinfo extend_last_partition

      REMEXEC41=ldrun reboot, timeout=2



      Any ideas on how to use diskinfo to pass the exact amount of space you want to extend the restored operating system instead of using it all?