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    GreenIT Awards - Show Your Support for MarXtar Wake-On-WAN & State Notifier

    MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

      Hi Everyone,


      I know a lot of you have made use of our tools over the years and I'm really glad you've found them useful. We have been nominated as a finalist in this year's GreenIT Awards in 'One to Watch Product' & 'One to Watch Company'.


      We'd love it if you would show your support and take just a minute to vote for us in these categories as well as some of the other deserving candidates in the other categories too.




      Thanks in advance for your support in this.


      Mark McGinn

      MarXtar Ltd


      LANDesk Silver ESP


      The One-Stop Shop for LANDesk Enhancements

      - Wake-On-WAN - Distributed Wake-On-LAN, Scheduled Power Down, and SWDist Sequencing

      - State Notifier - Real-Time Device & User State Inventory Updating & Alerting

      Update - WoW & State Notifier now integrate for even more functionality

      Update - State Notifier now detects machine and user Idle states