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    Reporting on Custom Content


      Most of our PCs are laptops. Many of the users are issues a Docking station, monitor, and keyboard and mouse with their laptops. I would like to perhaps manually add these items in somewhere with the laptop and be able to generate a report to see what users have one. So for expample, I go into a laptop's properties in the console and create a new Item in it's inventory called "Docking Station" and set its value to "Yes" or "No" then I want to generate a report that shows each user and if that field is set to Yes or No. Can this be done and how? Also what is the best way to enter this data into the Laptop's inventory? Thanks.

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          This should work just like any other reported item in inventory.  You might also look at adding this to your custom inventory being reported:



          I am not 100% on which number it will display in which state, so you may need to do some trial to find out if that is the right one to look at.

          Adding the value manually is an option, but it will certainly be time consuming if you have a lot of laptops.


          Let me know if you need some guidance on modding the scan for custom variables from reg keys.


          Edit - also there are already monitor, mouse & keyboard values scanned in as the default inventory, so you can probably pull that info as-is.  Specifically, when I look at monitor, I see 2 entries for my docked laptops - one is the built in screen & the other is the external monitor attached to the dock.

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            Thank you for the reply. In my case many of these laptops are in the field. In some cases users are issued docking stations that they do not use. I want to be able to manually add the item so it can be reported. So can I add the item into the laptops inventory right in the console as apposed to having to get on each laptop and editting the registery? Also I could use some guidence on creating those custom scans you mentioned. Thanks.


            Edit: After looking I see Docking station listed under Custom Data - MDAC but there is no value. Should I just manually enter this data or is there a way to make it auto detect. Also since the laptop is not always docked, what will happen if I check the inventory when its not docked. I need to make this a permemnant record that the dock is assigned to that person. Also Under Video I see monitor but it doesn't always report the external monitor.

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              Adding the custom string into your inventory will allow you to keep track of whether there is a dock for that laptop, but will not allow you to determine if it is being used or not. You would basically just be adding a static item that would never change value.  If you are only doing this to track which laptops were given docks, then it should be fine.


              I have a custom data area on my inventory tree where I keep all my custom data. You can certainly add the new entry to any other location if you want.


              Pick any pc in your list & open the inventory window, then find where you want the new value. Add a string value by clicking the "ab" icon on the inventory pane's upper left.  Once you add the new string entry, name it & add a value.  Wait a little while.  The new string key (with an empty value) will make its way around to all pc's eventually.


              After the new key is available, change the value on all the pc's you want to, one by one.  You should then be able to target that as a value on your queries.


              The link below gives the steps to pull custom data from the registry - the steps are fairly straight-forward, & helped me get set up quickly with scanning the additional items.




              There is also a tool called ldms_client that helps to scan for additional items.  I have also used this to scan for some other custom items that I have found useful.  The uninstall strings & pst files I found to be too cumbersome to manage for all my client pc's since you need to allow all the variables you want to pass throught the core inventory service.  I did find some junk strings coming in & didn't want to allow everything through, so it would have been a lot of clicks to allow all that info one by one.  I also ran into some issues with Scheduled tasks scanning in LDMS_Client, so have disabled that also.



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                Not sure where the MDAC entry came from - did you add something custom on a pc at some point?  If the docking station key is a fillable value, you can certainly add yes for those pc's that have one.


                once you add a key to one pc'c inventory the key will be created across all pc's as an empty fillable value