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    Need help with imagex provisioning

    MrGadget Expert

      Landesk 9.5


      I have everything working in a provisioning template up to calling up the imagex.exe and it hangs everytime.


      In OS Installation I have the following:

      Map to image   Unc path to image (\\core\images2)

      Map to Image tool Unc path to image imagex.exe  (\\core\ldmain\osd\imagex\imagex.exe)


      Deploy Operating system  Select Other (we don't use a preferred server)   UNC path to image including imagename   UNC path to Imaging tool including imagex.exe  For commandline parameters /apply \\core\images2\hw.wim 1 c:\


      I put a wait before the Deploy operating system and I can bring up a console type out the whole command \\core\ldmain\osd\imagex\imagex /apply \\core\images2\hw.wim 1 c:\  and it will work.


      I also tryed deleteing Deploy Operating System and added a Execute File. In it I have Target path and file name: \\core\ldmain\osd\imagex\imagex.exe   Command-line Parameters /apply \\core\images2\hw.wim 1 c:\   This hangs and never executes imagex.exe.

      And yes I checked and readded the credentials.

      Any help?