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    Knowledge Search Results - Adding Raise User


      Hi There.


      We are currently on Servicedesk 7.3 and I am fixing issues on version 7.5 ready for upgrade.


      I have been trying to tidy up our knowledge search results and correcting the NULL values showing. I have corrected this for the Creation date fine. However then I tried Raise User but it still shows as null. After a bit of poking around I have seen a correlation between null attributes being ones that are not singular:



      Then after a search on the community site I found an article about adding raise user to the document summary to make it searchable.


      What I want is for the raise user name to appear in the search results. Is this not possible because of the relationship, is the only option the document summary thing?


      Also what is the purpose of the document summary, I cannot open it from the results and it appears to duplicate the Description


      Thank you


      Apologies for the newbie-ness!