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    Question about Autofix by Scope

    ecoidan Specialist

           I enabled Autofix by scope for a patch today but nothing shows in the "Autofix" column when displaying all detected patches. I do see Global when I enable patches to autofix via Global.  I would have thought I would have seen "Scoped" listed in the Autofix Column. Everyone else seeing the same thing or is my Core broke.<GRIN>

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          rdittman Apprentice

          When I enable Autofix by scope I do not see anything show up the "Autofix" column while I have the "Global (all devices)" scope selected in the Patch and Compliance window. 



          However, if I change this scope to same scope as I have the Autofix set for I see "Current Scope" in the "Autofix" column.

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            LANDave SupportEmployee

            Also, if you want to what the definitions are set to through a database query here is some database information.


            The Global Autofix value is stored in the Vulnerability table and scoped autofix value is stored in VulCountsScoped table.


            The values in the database are either 1 for true or 0 or NULL for false.