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    Landesk Remote Control Service deletes after doing a policy update


      I just updated my core server from 9.0 SP3 to Landesk 9.5 with november client pack fix.  Prior to the client pack fix, i found an issue with updating agents.


      I mistakenly did not set my remote control policy correct so i push the changes out, soon enough, i found 90% of my machines remote control service was marked for deletion.  I had to redeploy the client to fix the problem.


      Now i have updated my core again with fix pack from november and deployed my agent "oops i deployed the agent that had the wrong remote control settings", in both cases remote control worked but after a policy update to fix the agent, service is marked again for deletion.


      This issue is reproduceable and very worrisom for me.  I found 9.5 buggy and not ready for production. 


      Please ease my mind.



      Tom Anderson