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    Error when provisioning






      Can anyone shed some light on this.  I have created a base image using Symantec Ghost and have made this into a OSD task.  I have also created a number of software deployment tasks.   I ahev then placed these all into a provisioning template.  This template runs fin up until the point of beginning the OSD task where it error with



      Connect to core: **********



      Loading template...



      action index=17 type=Wait






      action index=18 type=Deploy_image



      Access Denied






      error:[80001803H] The action failed.



      Execute result:









      I have added the wait command in case it was due to the hard disk needing time to become unlocked.



      Also the re is an error early on reporting VBoot parition not found on disk 0



      However an active partion is found and the operation completes and continues on until the above error at the image deploy stage.



      Am I wrong in assuming that as my ghost image OSD task (within the template) contains all the neccessary permissions and the machine has already booted into PE and has spoken to the core server that I do not need to add any more tasks to the template.  Or  am I missing a vital step.



      Any suggestions would be most helpful.



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          How are you accessing the Ghost program and Image file in your Deploy Image Step?



          We don't use Ghost anymore but for imagew (landesk app) you need to map a drive to the LDMain share and another drive to the Image share.   Then when you deploy the image you use the drive mappings.   If you map the drives you can then specify the credentials needed to access the files. 



          For example:  Add action, Give it a name - Map Image drive, Type = Map/Unmap Drive.  OK.  Select Map drive as operation type, Enter the UNC path and a drive letter you want to use.  We use I: for the images and L: for the LDMain share.  Don't forget to fill in the DOMAIN\username and password for the share.



          Repeat for the Ghost imaging software share.



          When you deploy the image don't use UNC but use the Drive letters you have just defined.



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            When I created the deploy image step I just told it the location of my previously created image and ghost32.exe.  I figured that as the PXE boot was authenticating to the core server which contain these that I would not need to map a drive.



            Looking at what you have suggest  can see how that will work, I just thought the PXE agent would have been more intelligent than that seeing as it has already spoken to the Core server.



            Thanks for your help



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              Im now getting an error when trying to Map_drive



              return code is:67



              Is there anywhere I can find a comprehensive list of these error codes?



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                zman Master







                The network name cannot be found.









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                  I dont know of a comprehensive list of codes.


                  When you get the error code go to the machine being provisioned and start a new console. On the client, in the WinPE environment the provisioning log is located in the x:\ldprovision directory. Use the notepad comand to open it. (notepad x:\ldprovision\ldprovision.log)



                  There is also another log to check at file://%5C%5Cyourcoreserver%5Cldmain%5Clog%5CProvisioning. This may also give some useful information.