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    Include IP and OU in DTS warranty report


      I'm using LDMS 9.5 on a single core and we are a Dell shop minus the variety of mobile devices, but this question applies only to our Dells.  I am looking to determine the age of the machines in my environment and have read in the Community that plain queries likely won't provide me with accurate information for my needs, so I'm hoping DTS can.  I am wanting to create an automated Executive Report that contains Device Name, Warranty Start Date, Warranty End Date, Warranty Description, device IP, and the OU where the device resides.  I'm in DTS, B2B Connector and am running the out of the box Dell Warranty configuration.  The report of this shows pretty much all the above except the device IP and OU. How am I able to integrate the Dell Warranty results with the LDAP results for this report?