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    Auto-filling reference lists out of Inbound Mail.


      Good Morning,


      We are trying to setup an inbound mail mapping for an automated e-mail system. In the e-mail we have a description of the fault together with the Server and Software in the subject/body of the e-mail. I would like to interrogate the Title/Description fields for the matching CI/Category and fill in the reference/category lists accordingly as each Server/Category has an owner that we will then use to forward the ticket to. I am aware that this could be accomplished by decisions and pre-conditions but this is inappropriate as there are potentially hundreds. A basic calculation also wouldn't work for the same reason and the fact that the Category/CI fields are used by the helpdesk to categorise standard incident faults. I could do a process level calculation but again it would be hundreds of IF statements deep. Is there any other way of doing this that I've missed?


      For example:


      Subject: Error report for server {ServerName}


      Body: Software {Softwarename} is experiencing and error.


      I'm trying to just take the sections in parentheses and map those attributes to {Incident}.{Category} and {Incident}.{Configuration Item}. So far the solution eludes me, can anyone shed any light to point me in the right direction?


      I know e-mail isn't exactly a fine-grain tool with a whole two fields available but any assistance would be appreciated.


      Many Thanks,


      Anthony Mitchell.