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    Batch distribution packages - reset hash of additional files is not working






      We have an issue with our batch distribution packages with additional files.



      When we adjust 1 of the additional files. We always get the message: some, files could not be verified.



      Reset of the package hash is not working (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1312)



      When I check the LANDesk db  in the table: PACKAGES_FILES_HASH and I look at the column: HASH it is not modified to the hash of the new file.



      In the error logfile:



      Mon, 05 May 2008 13:11:41 .\AdditionalFiles.cpp(208): (8DAC4027): Downloaded http://www.packagesprod.landesk.netpost/External/Sun_OpenOfficeOrg_24_Build_01/Sun_OpenOfficeOrg_24_Build_01.vbs did not match the hash,



      expected Fvxx13IFLC1ZlVR0Mg5NPA==



      actual ycXy0MErNFQg2xAqUoKyZw==



      so in the PACKAGES_FILES_HASH i find the expected HASH and not the actual.



      Has anyone this problem? And does someone know what the impact is when i adjust this entry directy in the table?



      Thanks in advance,