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    Mouse over help needed.


      Im trying to allow my users to hover their mouse over a field (either the field itself or the fields label) and have tooltip information pop up to describe what might be required in that field. In the Window manager i highlight the field and entered some text into the description property, did the same for the fields label. This didnt have the desired effect. Did i miss something ?


      Thanks in advance



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          I think you have to do that at the object level.  So if you want a tooltip on description or title you will need to add the information at Object Designer --> Process Management --> Process and then find the attribute you want.  Enter the details you want as a tooltip into the Description for that attribute.

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            This is in the LDSDDesigner.pdf guide as well under the Object Designer section:


            Description – Describes the function of the attribute. When a user holds their mouse over the required field, a tooltip appears. This is the information that appears as the ToolTip.

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              I realised what i was doing was working but only in the console client view, im trying to get it to work in the web client view.

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                Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                I don't think that's currently available in the web console.  You may want to put in an Enhancement Request of that or give support a call to see if there is a workaround available to have that.  Would be really nice.

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                  Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                  The only location that I know of that tooltips work are for shortcut links (both for groups and shorcut links).  The WebAccessAdmin.pdf guide speaks to this but does not give any indication on it working with labels/fields in the actual window like it does in console.  If you add this as an ER please post the link here so we can vote.  If you find a workaround or come across a way to make this happen please share.