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    Raised by end user condition set incorrectly - puts all calls into triage


      Hello all,


      We had a visit from a LanDesk consultant a couple of weeks ago and went live yesterday with the processes he worked on.  Unfortunately we have an issue where a condition in the process to work with the Self Service portal (which should automatically assign the raised call to a "Web" queue and set its status as "triage" doesn't work.  It works fine for end users logging calls via the Self Service portal, but when my analysts log any call under an end users name, the call is automatically assigned to the Web queue and set to triage as though the end user had raised the call, rather than the call has been raised for an end user.


      I've attached a screen shot of the process with the errant condition highlighted - what should the condition be so that any calls the end user raises in self-service go to the web queue and triage status but allowing for analysts to log calls for end users without it going to web and triage?


      Many thanks for your help,