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    Restart AV Service



      Anybody know the syntax for batch file or "Manage Scripts" to restart the LDAV service on a client?









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          LANDave SupportEmployee



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            JenDay Rookie


            I'd like an answer to this too.  We have another case of bad definitions preventing the LD AV agent from loading with the following error:



            "Unable  to load the antivirus scan engine.  Error -2147467259 (0x80004005).  Please contact your IT representative for repair options."



            I was able to push out new definitions, but I need a way to stop and start the LD AV service in a script.



            The suggestion of "NET STOP AVSERVICE" didn't work, but perhaps the problem is the name of the service.  Anyone know the name used for the LD AV service?  I'm on 8.7.



            Thanks for any help,






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              Jason SupportEmployee

              Net stop ldavservice


              net start ldavservice















              to see the name you need to call for Net stop/start 



              1. from a run line open services.msc.



              2. find the display name of the service in question right click and go to properties under the general tab you will see service name this is the name Net (stop/start) is looking for.

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                LANDave SupportEmployee


                If you do not have it already, you would very likely benefit from patch PAT-4287.



                I would call  LANDesk support and open a support incident and request this patch.









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                  Use caution when loading patch 4288. We ran the patch in an attempt to resolve an issue with Real Time Protection failing to start. Now we are unable to deploy Agents via Advance Agent. Support is still working on the issue and it seems that the patch has modified the logic on how peer downloads function. It looks like we may have to redeploy our agents to 5000 systems in order to resolve this.