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    Survey Design


      Hi All


      Looking for some help when it comes to designing the survey in LDSD. There seems to be no documents on how to set this up and what the rules are with using certain functionality on Web Desk/Self Service. Does anyone out there have anything I can have a look at please? it would be 7.4 we have on our live system at present and 7.5 on our test so both would be welcome.


      Thanks again

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          I thought there was an OOTB survery example included in 7.4 and 7.5.  Please take a look at the workflows and there should be an "Incident with Survey" that you can use for reference.  within the workflow there is a "complete survey" action that when you double click it should show you the form example.  That design can be found under Incident Management --> Incident Survey.

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            We use the surveys although it doesn't seem that many others do.  There should be a Window and an object in incident called Incident Survey.  Add questions and attributes as needed. It it just like any other Window  I have directions and 5 questions on my survey.


            Then in your process I have a status point where my SLA ends and the clock turns off.  Basically we consider the incident resolved at this point.  We follow up with a Precondition that is "Always True" followed by a "Dummy" Automatic action.  I send out an e-mail that the incident was resolved and it has a link to the survey (kind of).  I then have a "Completed Status" and it stays there for 10 days or a survey gets filled out.  I have a bulk action that Closes any incident that was resolved more than 10 days ago that runs daily.


            When the user gets the e-mail with the survey link they can click on it to open the survey (kind of).  I keep saying Kind of because it doesn't actually work ... well.  For me (version 7.5) when they click on the survey link it brings up Self Service.  Then when they hit the link again, it goes straight to the survey.  With 7.4, it will open the incident and the users will manually have to select Create Survey to add a Survey.  I did create a ER a while ago to fix this but it got very few votes and as you will see, the end user experience is not very good. 


            At least this should get you going in the right direction.  There is a manual on Survey or a section of the designer that talks about survey but your right, there isn't much detail there.  I got this working because we had a consultant help us at launch.


            I guess we should not be surprised that LANDesk itself, uses an outside Survey service.