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    Mac 9.5 Agent configuration RC not working


      Hi everybody,


      We have just upgraded from LDMS 9 SP2 to 9.5 and having pretty good results so far. One exception is the agent deployment for the MACs. I am able to deploy the new agent with our prior settings, and they will update properly and report in for inventory, software updates, etc. BUT, I cannot use traditional remote control to access them as before, and learned that only HTML5 remote control is supported with the new agent.


      The problem is, how do I properly configure the agent to allow HTML remote control? I do not see any of the screens described in the documentation (EDIT - New document link added Issue: Legacy Mac OS Remote Control in LDMS 9.5 and 9.6 no longer working) though I did enable HTML access in our RC setting page under "Agent settings" for our default RC settings. However, I don't see how the MAC agent is able to use these settings since I don't see a screen to point to them as I do with the windows agent config.


      How can I configure my mac agent to give us some sort of remote control option, am I missing something?


      Thanks in advance,




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