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    Mobility questions

    derekhamaker Apprentice

      Hi all -

      I hope you can help me answer some Mobility based questions I have.

      We currently use LDMS 9.0 SP3. We will be upgrading to 9.5 during next month's maintenance weekend.


      We are managing about 120 Intermec CK3 wifi barcode scanners via Avalanche.

      We have about 550 mobile devices managed by AirWatch.


      I'd really like to move forward and combine these three solutions into one interface. Since the acquisition of Wavelink, what options are available to manage the rugged devices by LANDesk?


      Thanks for the thoughts and advice!


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          LANDesk MDM will support and manage AIDC ruggedized devices as well as smart devices.

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            1EarEngineer Specialist

            Is that currently or if not, is there an ETA? We currently are using a broad mix of Intermec devices and use SOTI for those currently. Being able to merge them all to LANDesk would be more preferable than having to migrate everything to SOTI

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              Yes, you can manage the Intermec devices with Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center or Wavelink Avalanche On Demand (in the cloud).


              Currently the LDMS core itself (LDMO) will only manage smart devices, but utilizes AOD to pull the devices into the core.


              You could setup an account in AOD and enroll and manage your Intermec devices, and if desired you could also enroll smart devices. If you follow this scenario, and connect your core to your AOD account then you could manage your smart devices via the core or AOD.


              If you want to stay away from the cloud then you could use the Wavelink Avalanche solution that will only manage ruggedized devices..


              I know this is kind of a confusing answer so don't hesitate if you have further questions:)

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