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    Help with Intel SATA Driver






      Im new to LANDesk and this is my first attempt at driver injection. I am trying to inject the Intel SATA driver for HP 6710b Notebook.



      After a couple of days trying I have been told by support that it is how the intel matrix driver is setup and it is not PE friendly.



      Does anybody know where to find the driver outside of the intel matrix. I am looking for the Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller Driver. Hardware ID  PCCCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2829&CC_0106.






      Or, can you hack the txtsetup.oem to remove the reference to disk1 and just refer directly to the .inf files? Attached is the txtsetup.oem.






      Thanks in advance



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - "normally" you can try to download the respective chipset-driver from Intel and just go with that - normally that works.


          However, that said, HP and ex-Compaq tend to change quite a bit of their OEM'ed stuff, so I would suggest sticking to their driver. If they do not provide a driver that works with WinPE 1.1 (which we currently use) you're in a bit of trouble. We're working on supporting WinPE 2.0 but that's not a small thing.


          What you CAN do - as an alternative to adding the S-ATA driver - is to go into the BIOS and check if your SATA settings include a "LEGACY" or "COMPATIBILITY" mode for your disk-controller. If they do, use that - then you won't need the driver to address the drives - usually the most preferable of scenarios. Lenovo's and other vendors usually have this ... with HP I think it's down to individual models, so you may or may not be in luck.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Hi Ryan,



            I've the same problem on 6720s model.



            I asked help to my Microsoft and Intel contacts with no success.



            At the moment the only solution is to setup your controller in native mode.









            Jary Busato



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              Thanks for the reply guys.



              Below is an interesting Link written from a MS tech about injecting drivers. It is not talking about the landesk product, however, I don't see why I cant use the same theory as his. I'm using WinIMage to open the PE. and now I plan on modifying the drivers his way to try and get the functionality. I believe in theory this should work without a hitch. I just need to find a few hours to do some testing.






              Goodluck. I've Used alot of imaging products and I must say i find this very tedious. Im tempted to go back to the old dos driver and skip WInPE until its functionality is better.



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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                There's no reason why MS-articles shouldn't apply, it's all "standard PE", with just a few things modified - nothing dramatic.


                WinPE can be a bit of a headache, as it depends on the quality of some drivers - but then, DOS has the same problem.


                Generally from personal experience, WinPE is the lesser evil (or - at least - the less painful option) on account of the following things (for me - personally):

                - WinPE can cope with machines that have more than 2 GB of memory (DOS has a limit here whereafter it breaks. Pretty sure it's around 2 GB).

                - WinPE CAN talk to SATA-controllers if it has the right drivers. DOS requires the SATA-controllers to be able to run in some kind of "legacy" or "compatibility mode". WinPE can do the same, but it doesn't NEED to - some OEM's do NOT include a legacy/compatibility mode, and you MUST talk to the SATA controller natively. And there's NO drivers for this for DOS.

                - Generally, WinPE has considerably fewer problems with NIC-drivers compared to DOS.

                - DOS's main Achilles' Heel are drivers ... NIC drivers more often than not. Quality varies HUGELY depending on OEM and/or manufacturer. We've had cases where the things flat out don't even work.


                As long as DOS works fine in your environment, the above is not much of a hindrance - it's all dependant on your hardware base of course. Just trying to give a few things to consider :).


                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                  Thanks Paul.



                  I'm just new to Windows PE, short of time and I guess a little frustrated by some of the intrancies of it.



                  Now using sata compat mode I have disks, however, I don't have network. I check the inf. Find the hardware id's in it, and thing it should just work. But nothing is ever as simple as it should be If so, we'd all be out of a job!






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                    Hi all,



                    maybe you should know that a similar issue come with sysprep.



                    Enumerating vendor code in mass-storage section don't defend you from having stop 0x7B error.









                    Jary Busato






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                      Got this sorted on a Tosh R500 via unattended CD DVD installation of Windows


                      Even though I'm not running a provisioning version of LANDesk at the moment I guess it's just using standard Windows Unattended stuff, so I've attached a couple of docs that may help you through this issue.



                      One is for an unattended CD/DVD routine and the other a Server Driven Unattended routine.