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    Image Capture without PXE?


      I'm wondering how to go about capturing a Windows 7 x64 image without PXE.


      PXE is currently broken on my network, so I'm looking at using boot media for OSD and Provisioning...  And I'm new to using LANDesk for OSD/Provisioning, so I really don't know what I'm doing yet.


      I've got an Image Capture script...  But the documentation I've seen suggests that it be added to the PXE Boot menu, which isn't going to do me a whole lot of good if I'm not using PXE.


      I've got Provisioning Boot Media, which works fine...  But I'm not sure if it's possible to use an Image Capture script with provisioning, or how to do so.


      I suppose I could probably run ImageW.exe from within Windows...  But it seems like booting far enough into Windows to run applications would render my SYSPREP'ing meaningless.

      Any suggestions?