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    Are Surface & Office 365 supported by Mobility 9.0.4 ?


      Hi everyone,


      I've just been thrown into the Mobility ring with no prior knowledge of it and have some questions whether we can even get the ball rolling.  We recently migrated from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 and all users now authenticate to the cloud via their full email address opposed to domain\username ... We do still have just a handful of mailboxes (not users) which are tied to Exchange, so it still exists but it's not used for user mailboxes. 


      We've purchased 100 mobile licenses already but haven't setup MDM and would like to begin by managing MS Surface devices then move on to iPads then iPhones then Android devices.  As it's not mentioned in any documentation I've seen,

      1) Are Surface tabs supported by LDMO?

      2) Is Office 365 supported by LDMO?


      LDMS 9.5

      LDMO 9.0.4


      This unanswered question from 2011 is all I could locate regarding MDM support for Office 365....but it's not conclusive especially since it's 2 years old.



      Thank you for any discussion!