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    Scheduled Provisioning Template (DELAYED)



      I have created a template for a provisioning task. When I schedule it to push to a machine it shows up as "delayed" no matter what i do to start now.






      Any ideas?



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          Generally this occurs when a machine has been added to a previous Provisioning template and that job failed.  Ensure that this machine is not a target for any other provisioning jobs by deleting the scheduled tasks.  Additionally, deleting the cloned templates that are created when a provisioning task may be needed to clear this machine from old provisioning tasks.



          The machine may also show a "Delayed" status while waiting to perform some actions in a provisioning template.  The ldprovision status window on the client will better indicate what actions are being processed.



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            Ok, there is no other jobs. But I deleted all tasks just to be sure. (Also this is my 1st ever prov tasks, completely new to it)






            So going to the 2nd part of your solution....I am not seeing anywhere on the client that it is getting a request for provisioning, so I cant see why it is being delayed.









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              bnelson Employee


              We really need some more details.



              First, if a machine already had a task assigned it would NOT go to delayed, it would actually dump straight to failed.



              Now, is the template an imaging template? If it is then when you "Start now" the PXE reps are updated and then the job goes to a delayed status  or a Pending Status while it waits for the PC to PXE boot.



              But without knowing more about the template and what actions are being taken that is the most info I can give right now.



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                In order for the provisioning action to take place, you must be in the right environmnet.  For instance only actions in the System Migration and System Configuration section of the template will take place in Windows.  If you have an action that resides in the Pre-OS, OS, or Post-OS section, these will only take place in the boot environment.  In order for the template to kick off, you may need to boot into a boot environment, PXE or boot media, in order for the template actions to initialize.



                1. What section of the template is the first action located?



                2. Is this machine a managed node (does it have the LANDesk agent installed)? 



                3. What is it that you are attempting to accomplish? 



                If you are trying to perform an imaging task, I would recommend looking at the following article:









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                  Is there anyway to set it up so it automatically reboots and starts the PXE (provisioning process)?

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                    I know this is an old thread, but the issue still exists. I have seen the DELAYED status when I have mistakenly selected WINDOWS as the OS in the template properties, rather than WIndows 7 64Bit. As soon as I change that and reschedule, the template ran straight through.



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                      LDMS 9.0


                      in response to the last 2 posts...



                      do you mean to say that you can't run a task against a machine unless the computer state currently matches the OS called out in the template?


                      Here is a very simple, common, absolutely basic scenario that I can't make work.


                      • I have a computer in a lab, it is running Windows 7x64 and the OS is loaded with the LD agent also loaded and running without problems.  I can remote control this computer from the console.
                      • Next I decide that I want to reimage the computer using a fully functional provisioning template.
                      • I select the computer in the console and put it into the task for that template and tell the task to begin now.
                      • next the task appears to start with 1 active computer, but then immediately goes into a DELAYED status.


                      It won't begin the provisioning process no matter how much time I give it.  Now I just want to reimage this one computer and I don't want to go put my hands on it.  I expect that I can use the Console for this...but I don't see this happening.


                      Remember that the current state of the computer is Win7x64, the target OS for this provisioning template is Win7x64 and the boot environment is WinPE.


                      Booting to Managed WinPE and retrying this process leaves the machine in a DELAYED state.



                      I must be missing something because this rather simple request is WAY TOO DIFFICULT.  Can anyone help clarify how to get a machine to participate in a task without going into a DELAYED state?

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                        If you right click the device you are trying to provison and look at scheduled tasks and policies, do you see anything listed there ? Seems that if you delete a TASK with a device in it, the policy is left behind. If you delete the DEVICE from the TASK, it correctly removes the policy from the device.



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                          I see 3 items in SCHEDULED TASKS & POLICIES and each one is listed as a SCHEDULED TASK;  2 items report as DONE and the last one is UNKNOWN STATUS CODE (0x13f7,0:5111).


                          On the other hand, PROVISIONING HISTORY reports 8 items, 5 of which are tasks that I was trying initiate before I posted here.  Those 5 tasks report as WAITING and show the same template name.

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                            This may be a really stupid question, but do you have a "Reboot" action in the "System migration" section?  That will reboot the machine and, as long as you have PXE enabled and configured as the first boot option, the machine will boot into WinPE and continue processing the template.

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                              this is a good idea if someone operates in a PXE-boot Priority environment, but that isn't me.  My clients boot to the HDD first.  PXE comes last and I'm not ready to change this for a whole host of reasons that I won't get into now.  Your idea most certainly has merit, just not for my environment.



                              I trust that I'm missing something because I can't understand why someone would develope a remote management client which doesn't feature the basic functionality of being able to reboot a client.  With Ghost I could tell a machine to take down a new image and the machine would download a small WinPE image then reboot to load that image.  Next, WinPE would load and the machine would connect back with the Ghost server and begin downloading the new image.


                              That process was very simple and it just happened with Ghost.  I expected it to work with Landesk but between 3 of us here we have not had a machine reboot into WinPE.


                              We suspect it has something to do with POLICY somehow but we don't know why or what to change.  When we create a provisioning task and assign machines to it we always select START NOW.  But instead of starting and going through the task it starts and immediately goes to DELAYED.  Without trying to offend any population, this is just plain stupid.


                              ..again, I think I'm being under-informed on the how-to and thus the one who is stupid here.  So would someone, please, make me smart by telling me what to do to get my clients to play with the START NOW component of scheduled tasks?

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                                Actually, believe it or not, my suggestion is actually the way Provisioning is designed to operate.  It's all built around PXE.  If you're totally against it, though, there is another option called vboot.  I don't care for it because I personally believe it has even more potential for issues than PXE, but that's just me.  The link to the vboot info is below.  But back to your original concern with missing something.  Honestly, the only thing you're missing is the reboot action in system migration.  Whether you use the PXE method or vboot method (it reboots when its done), the reboot is needed.



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                                  Well before I have you read my response I want to point out one thing that makes me question that this is 100% of the missing pieces in my scenario.


                                  First, I'm not using NETWORK boot as my first boot option.

                                  Second, this should not matter as it would have no affect on my machines participating in a task.

                                  -if everything is setup like it is supposed to be according to Landesk, my machines SHOULD REBOOT at least 1 time once they have been thrown into a task and started.  None of my machines ever reboot so even if I were using NETWORK boot as 1st priority, they would never participate in the task because they never reboot.



                                  -so only my other reply.



                                  Oh Damn!!


                                  why is it that invariably after investing a hundred hours and thousands of dollars into something one discovers that a proposed solution is just not at all the one it was supposed to be?

                                  Symantec used the 'VBOOT' option with great success.  I should say anyway that I've used the symantec version of vboot with great success and only assumed that a mature product like Landesk 9.0 would support a similar scenario seamlessly.

                                  I'd go right after VBOOT but I'm 100% invested in provisioning because I'm new to the product and that is the direction Landesk wants to take LDMS.  I have no OSD scripts to use and I'm not going there.  Why the hell doesn't Landesk provide Provisioning support for VBOOT?

                                  I've spent a lot of time and money only to take one or two steps backwards in many aspects of how I get my work done.  This is one of them and a MAJOR disappointment for us.



                                  thanks for pointing this document out to me because the topic was not explained this way in my $1500 class nor was it written into my training materials.

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                                    Trust me, I know exactly where you're coming from.  :-)  We're actually a Ghost shop looking to migrate to Provisioning as well.  I've beat my head against the wall on a few issues including the whole vboot issue and I too wonder why this isn't built in.  The answers I've received from LANDesk is that OSD has it built in because it's meant to be more automated while Provisioning is more manual and scripted (IE: DO IT ALL YOURSELF!!!).


                                    With this issue and others we've ran into, i would've dropped Provisioning a long time ago if it wasn't so darn powerful!  Once you do get it working, you'll love it.

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