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    Landesk LDMS 9.0 SP4 upgrade


      Hi everyone. I think this is an easy question; I just need a little clarification. We're running LDMS 9.0 SP3 , but I've still got about 40% of clients out there on 9.0 sp2. (If I had my way they would all be at sp3, but bandwidth is a concern, so I've been asked to go slow.) Can I go ahead and update the core to SP4 without getting the rest of the clients up to sp3?


      Then the second part of my question is a refresher on what updates I run where. (I forgot to write it down last time around )


      Do I have it correct:

      On the core- run only the core update

      Any pc’s that have the console locally – run the console update

      All landesk clients- run the client update. (or let patch management do it.)

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          From history and not seeing anything otherwise in the documentation, your clients should work fine with the Core being at SP4 and them being at SP2


          In your steps to upgrading you have it correct, BUT.....  It is recommended that you push new agents out and not use the client patch as there are improvements in the agent that cannot be installed with just applying the agent patch.


          So upgrade your core and consoles, then open your agents, save them and then click on the 'rebuild' agents icon.



          The downside is, you said you have slow connections.... so pushing new agents could be troublesome.   I would recommend that you create the self contained .exe agent and use software dist. to push it out, this will allow for peer downloads, etc, plus I have always had better success with agent upgrades when using the .exe

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            Thank you very much for your informative answer. I will proceed as you recommend. I'm very surprised at what you mentioned about the software distribution vs. the patch management. I hadn't heard anything like that about Landesk before regarding it.