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    Can you make imported tasks start immediately?


      I am working on some VBA code in Excel to generate targeted tasks for various packages. What I've got so far creates the packages on the fly based on a list of executable paths, and targets the computers that are to go in each task. Then the tasks simply have to be imported to LANDesk Console and run. But because in practice there are going to be 30 or so of these tasks created when my code is run, I would like to find a way to start them all up at once so that the person using my spreadsheet doesn't have to right-click each individual task and select "Start now" on each one.


      Normally when you create a task manually and set a scheduled time that is in the past, LANDesk will start the task immediately. But if I try to put a past date in the .ldms file I am importing from, it doesn't start when I import it, I still have to right-click it and choose "Start now".


      Is what I want just not possible? Or is there some other value I must include in the .ldms file?