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    Reporting options in LANDesk


      Hi all,

      I have just been assigned to work on LANDesk with no prior experience and a tight deadline (as usual)

      so apologies if i could find this by searching/the doc but the cloud care team told me to ask here!


      What I'm tasked to do is take data from LANDesk and create summary KPI report (charts, trends, etc)

      It will be things like calls raised/closed/open grouped by location and week for the current year

      The queries will be a bit more complicated than this but that's the kind of thing


      Normally I'd take the results of such a query and feed into Excel, job done


      Firstly, can I create my own queries on this complexity in LANDesk (the cloud care guy thought not, and advised they would create a custom view to do this)

      Secondly how can I get the data out LANDesk so I can work on it and automate the report creation


      I know that Crystal reports enterprise is available (although not sure if we have it in our package).

      For this route to work I'd have to pull in data externally to LANDesk because the KPI I have to create also incorporates other sources of data,

      eg things like system downtime.


      If anyone can clarify the way forward or offer some tips that would be appreciated!