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    Updating calls via inbound mail for multiple processes

    keithr Specialist

      We would like to give Analysts the ability to update request type calls via inbound email.   This feature is only required for updating requests/addign call notes since our requests have specific forms associated to them and it is preferable these are completed on creation.


      However, it is only possible to associate a single process with one mailbox (we would like one mailbox with the ability to add call notes to multiple processes).  In the absense of this, Analysts would need to send updates to different mail boxes if they wanted to update specific requests.  Since there are a number of request processes and will continue to grow with the businsess, this will not be a feasible solution.


      I am thinking along the lines of mailbox rules to forward to a single mailbox but if anyone has implemented a solution to manage this limitation, would be great to know how that was acheived.

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          I am solving a different problem but it is very similar.  I have a few web pages that gather info from a form and e-mail LPM the results.  LP then updates my incident or in some cases starts a Change or Incident.


          In your exact case, I would just use Mobile or Web Desk.  If the analyst has a tablet Web Desk is pretty easy to use.  On a cell phone, Mobile is fairly easy to use.  Could it be better, yes.  Does it need work, yes.  But does it work on almost any mobile device, yes.


          If your analysts are away from their desk but still on a PC then Web Desk works just fine.  Anything that can send e-mail, can also run Service Desk in one form or another. 


          There are several Enhancement Requests for Mobile like fixing the check box descriptions, being able to change the order attributes show up on the forms, be allowed to select a view made for Mobile vs web or console, and several more.

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            keithr Specialist

            Hi Chris


            Thanks for the tips and its always useful to know how others are getting around these limitations.  We do have mobile webdesk but part of the reason we wanted to use inbound email to update requests is that Analysts will be receiving messages from external sources in relation to the requests.  The idea would be that they could just forward these on.  This is a feature of the current system that they use so they are expecting the same here.  I know 'copy and paste' via Mobile Portal is almost the same but there will be grumbles as they now need to open webdesk, find the request and then click 'Add Note' instead of just forwarding the email.


            I am setting up 2 mailboxes today with the same alias on each so hoping we can switch of the "Unsuccessful Update' on each mailbox.  My hope is that if the message is sent to both of the mailboxes, it will update the correct process and not send the response for the mailbox pointing to a different process.   Will let you know how that goes.





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              keithr Specialist

              We did some testing today whereby we created one single mailbox and included mappings for updates only.  Testing updates to requests that are logged by different processes worked in each case and we did not get any errors in the event log.


              Obviously this would not be the case if we wanted to create new requests but since the mapping only requres updates to requests it seems to be working.  Have attached a screenshot of the mappings that we used in case anyone else wants to give it a try.


              We are using service desk 75 SP1.