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    LANDesk 9.5, netboot and mac imageing


      Has anyone got netboot working with LANDesk 9.5?  We have a macmini set up as a server with the latest OS. And it can serve other netoot images  made from the nbi creater by apple however the one supplied via LANDesk does not seem to create  a workable  nbi file. We have followed the whitepaper from LANDesk  and are hosting the image to be deployed from HTTP and can get to the file. We have created the task perperly but when you push it the machine that is the target reboots (mac.osd deployes) the profile on the Netboot server is created and then the device just reboots back to the OS..  The job is then flagged as failed.  We have tried both imacs and retina based macbookpros and desktops. What can I check to see if we can get this running.. I am about to give up and reccomend casper or deploystudio but we want to get LANDesk running if at all possable.


      BTW the netboot file cannot be flagged for default for some reason like the ones  apple creates..  I think the Creation utility LANDesk  gives us to use LANDeskMacOSDUtility has some issues with the latest version of OSX? Anyone please?