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    Provisioning works with PXE, but not with "Boot to Managed WinPE" (boot.wim)


      Hi all


      I'm experiencing some problems with Provisioning with LANDesk 9.5 and WinPE 4.0

      I have a HP DC7800, on which I try to install Windows 7.

      I have a Provisioning task with as first step: Boot to Managed WinPE (Virtual Boot).

      The pc currently runs Windows XP, so as soon as I shecdule the provisioning task, I can see the GUI in my Windows XP session.

      The boot.wim is then copied to my C-drive and a little bit later the system reboots.

      So far so good


      Now, when the computer eboots, it loads the boot.wim. It says "Windows is loading files", but at the end, it stalls. I have let it run for 2 hours, but it hangs at a black screen.

      When I reboot the computer and press F12 (PXE boot), the computer autmatically picks up the Provisioning task, boots to WInPE, and the task continues (!!).


      So, at that point I can only think of the fact that my boot.wim from the landesk\vboot directory differs from the boot.wim that is on my PXE server. However, they are not. The boot.wim is the same date and size as my landesk\vboot\boot.wim


      I've also tried to install Windows 7 on a HP 6005 Pro, and this works fine. No issues with WinPE.


      Anyone who knows where this problem lies? Drivers should not be a problem, since I can use F12 to boot to WINPE just fine...


      Thanks in advance!