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    LDMS 9.5 - Launchpad scheduled tasks populating and starting on their own


      The title pretty much says it all.  We are convinced our core is possessed.


      We had a Launchpad job we set up 3 months ago and ran, pushing the software install link to the Launchpad of our new 9.5 agent we had pushed out earlier to the majority of our company computers.  It was set so the user can install on their own when they want.  All the people who wanted it installed it when they had a chance, and the rest let it be.  Exactly as planned.


      Today, IT got to work to find that for some reason as yet undetermined, that job somehow was PUSHING the software install to ALL targetted machines in that list.  We checked the job, checked the Delivery Method, checked EVERYthing, and the job didn't change - it was still set to simply push the install link icon to Launchpad so people could install on their own.  But that install was active on every machine, even people who had already installed it, and not one of them had started the job.


      To mitigate this, we stopped the Scheduled Task and deleted all the target machines from the Scheduled Tasks 'All Devices' list.  This should have stopped everything.  But then, suddenly, computers started magically showing back up in the 'All Devices' list of the Scheduled Task.  Wha'WHAT?  Yep, all on their own, no IT intervention, just magically showing up and starting the install on those machines that popped back into 'All Devices' of that job.  So we killed the Task completely.  So far THAT hasn't magically reappeared and started populating itself and forcing the software install again, yet, but that doesn't mean it won't.  Like I said, pretty sure the cores posessed.


      Has anyone else experienced this?  LANDesk support has shrugged its shoulders, asked for some log files, and is escalating.  But if WE experience this oddity, does that mean others have or will?


      Any ideas or solutions greatly appreciated!