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    SLA Escalation point on assignment

    markg Apprentice



      Had a quick look about but couldnt find anything about this, quite simply we would like the SLA to triggers/ends when someone clicks the 'assigns to me' action or on the assignment that follows rather than simply entering a status or leaving the status. Our response levels are based on when someone is actually working on this issue not when its assigned to the group waiting for someone to pick it up.


      The only other way around it is to have a load more 'other' statuses after the assignments.


      Cheers of any help



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          I don't know what your process looks like, but I assume that when the job is assigned to the group it then enters a status.  Do you then have an optional "Assign to Me" status that branches off this status and then back again?


          If so, perhaps you could still have an escalation that begins on that status (and ends some point in the future), but after the assign to group action you could perhaps have a stop clock (just before it enters that status).  Then after the Assign to Me you could start the clock again...?


          Just thoughts...

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            markg Apprentice

            We do indeed have what you described,


            I think we are going to make it so when someone clicks assign to me it goes to a different status. this will actually solve a few oother flaws in our process we have aswell.


            Thanks for the reply

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              Rogersh Apprentice

              Hi Mark,

              It sounds like you've got a 'take ownership' type situation going on with an option action then assignment then back to the same status.

              I've not done much with with escalations but I think it might be possible to change your escalation points so that when it re-enters the same status it resets the esacalation ?