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    Inbound mail manager and auto creation IPC?

    Mariusz.Maniak Expert



      I would like to allow my users to update - add note ant attachment - IPC's by mail, so keyword is set to "Aktualizacja:" ("update" in polish), and this works fine.

      I would like to prevent my users to create IPC's by email. And this part works for incident and request, but problems are created.


      If an email is sent to incident@mycompany.com (incident mapping) - I'm getting response as is configured in administration/mail/action settings: "The process Incident is not in a valid state to carry out the action. Or the process Incident does not support the Action Create."


      If an email is sent to problem@mycompany.com (problem mapping) - process is creating a new problem, with empty data (title, details...)


      I'm trying to find difference between my incident and problem process - but from my prespective - they are the same.

      Where to look to turn off creating problems by mail?