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    HP Quality Center web deployment

    derekhamaker Apprentice

      I have about 100 end points that need to be setup to access our web version of HP Quality Center (HPQC). This is also known as HP Application Lifecycle Management: Quality Center Edition.

      Navigating to the website prompts for an install of an add-in called ALM-Platform-Loader.11.cab.

      I have figured out this installing an ActiveX plugin (an ocx file.)

      I suspect there are also 4 other cab files that are associated: setup_a.cab, SprinterPlugin.cab, setup_SPI.cab, and setup_apm.cab. These seem to all include INI files with the same names.

      I have yet to deploy anything like this before and could really use some guidance. I've found a few things online regarding copying the OCX file and then silently using regsvr32.exe to register it. I really feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzel.

      To make matters worse, this is required for some UAT that begins this coming Monday. And as much as I'd love to say they let me know last minute so too bad; well that's not really happening.

      Thanks so much for all the help, in advance.


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          WiseGuy Apprentice

          The administrator of the HP ALM (QC) product should be able to provide you with a msi file for the client. In our implementation we were supplied with an msi file that I assume was generated on the ALM server that contained some configuration settings that they wanted all users to have. I don't know specifiaclly what they did as I was not part of that process.