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    Incident.rpt missing


      Hi All,


      I m having problem with my LANdesk Service Desk Console (7.5.1)

      When im going to print incident form/windows using Print Button, error appear :


      " The folowing report failed to load, C:/ProgramFiles/LANDesk/LANDeskReport/incident.rpt".


      Previously error did not appear and our customer can printed the Form. Anybody can help me why its happening?

      and whether the reports(incident.rpt,request.rpt etc) are included in the LDSD Installer? or whether we should make the report ?




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          I'd take a look here first



          The reports are included when you do a server install.  Request is ony rpesent in 7.6 though

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            Hi i-gun,  I'm not sure if this will be ur resolution but we've encountered printing issues with errors similar to this one.  In our environment, I have seen where the default path for reports became mapped to a different location, sometimes a local location as your error states for you.  I have corrected the path by opening any ticket/incident, then File, Print, then on the left under the Actions heading, choose Set Default Reports Path and remap to the actual location of your Incident.rpt file.  We've placed ours in the shared ServiceDesk Console Reports folder inside the App server.


            Hope this helps,