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    How to remove 'old' nodes? Why is a system 'online' yet hasn't been updated in months?



      Hi all,



      I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, and I'm still very new to this product.  I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there's a way to monitor for 'old' nodes that have not had an inventory or vulnerability scan in the last month, and are not currently online.  I simply want to remove the node so it no longer appears in the management console when I'm doing reports.  Trying to go through the list manually is exceptionally tedious, and with the number of systems we have and I'm sure others have, there must be a quicker way.



      A second question - I was manually looking through the list of systems, and there are a number which are successfully discovered and online that have not had an inventory update or vulnerability scan in several months.  Can anyone explain why this would be, or any settings I should check?



      Thanks, and my apologies if these are very simple, documented questions.



      Note: Using LDMS