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    HP ProBook 6460b Specialize pass / HII issue

    Silvercoupe Apprentice

      About two weeks ago (can't for the life of me figure out what changed to cause this), our HP ProBook 6460b laptops imaged with Windows 7 x64 Pro started failing to join the domain after OSD.  All other machine models are working fine.  I started looking closely at the setupact and setuperr logs and they basically say "Domain cannot be contacted".  I've tried injecting several different drivers using HII and all have the same result. 


      After the image is laid down and HII injects drivers (correct drivers, I've double checked), the machine begins the Specialize pass.  When it gets to "Setup is applying system settings", I Press Shift + F10 to open a CMD prompt and run devmgmt.msc.  The Intel 82579LM Gig NIC is there, but states it cannot start.  If I right click the computer name and kick off a "Scan for hardware changes", the NIC is all the sudden "found" as an Intel 82579V (what it actually is).  The machine grabs an IP and adds to the domain with no issue.


      Odd thing is, if I let the "Applying system settings" action time out and fail, the machine reboots and LOADS THE DRIVER CORRECTLY, finishing all its network-based installs.  It just isn't installing the correct NIC during Specialize.


      I've added this particular driver to the image, I've added/removed several different driver sets to the HII driver library.  So far, none of these has fixed the issue.  The 6460b does not install the NIC properly.


      Has anyone else had issues like this?  It's not 100% an HII issue as it is pulling an acceptable driver.  Windows is just deciding to install the wrong hardware from the right driver during the Specialize pass.

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          Have you reviewed the Hiiclient.log and dism.log to see which driver is being injected for your card. It is possible that you have one driver being applied from some other oem manufacturer that because it is a newer driver, it is seleected and does not work. The 82579LM is a very popular NIC and I have seen a lot of OEM drivers that don't work well. Try using the driver from Intel.

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            Silvercoupe Apprentice

            Thanks for the reply.  I have checked them and it is pulling the appropriate driver.  The issue is that within the driver INF there are references to both the 82579LM and 82579V NIC.  When Windows attempts to load drivers at first startup, it tries to start the device as 82579LM and the device fails to start.  It IS the correct driver INF, but fails to start the device.  If I catch it in time, I can press Shift + F10 to open a CMD line and go into device manager, uninstall the NIC and let the system "reinstall" the device and it processes as 82579V and proceeds through as usual, getting an IP and joining the domain etc.


            I'm looking forward to 9.5 SP1 and being able to assign specific drivers to specific hardware again, although I'm not sure if ti will fix this exact issue.  It will, however, give me the ability to troubleshoot individual driver injection instead of toying with the whole library to get the right one added.  That was a pain.